Whatsaap Paddy Marron

You’re hearing it here first, Paddy Marron has evolved and finally moved to the smart phone world. Team mates are itching to connect with the Marronator. Only a matter of days until he downloads whatsapp, God only knows the bollocks he’s gonna come out with on the Frankfort Whatsapp group!!


Wet Return!!

First training session of 2014 and the weather wasn’t on our side. Good effort from the lads that soldiered through the pissing rain to shake off the Chrimbo dinner. Enjoyable session all the same. 2014 looking promising!!

Brief History

Our Chairman David O’Connor explains the brief history of Frankfort FC.

“I’m not going to bore you with an epic story, when people first here Frankfort they assume its something to do with the German club Frankfurt, because of the time period we are talking about as you can imagine all the details are sometimes hard to come by, I have carried out research over the last few years. In the late 18th century Baron Frankfort was appointed Viceroy to Ireland, he lived just out of the city beside Amiens Street, The Area was named Frankfort Place and Frankfort Cottages, the people who worked for the Viceroy and from the surrounding area formed a team, they played out of The old Dublin Metropolitan league, during that ear they had several teams who had huge success, there junior team won the junior cup three years in a row, we produced a lot of players who went on to play professionally in England, to players of note Tom Davis, who played full international for both Ireland and Northern Ireland, in the time when you could play for both,  perhaps our most famous player was Patrick O’Connell, a cousin of our family, after starting off with Frankfort he went on to play for Manchester United and went to Spain and managed several clubs, Notably winning the league title with Real Betis, there only league title, he went on to manage the world famous Barcelona, and is considered one of the great people in the clubs history. We have had a rich tradition of famous people who have played for the club and over our 113 years won many leagues and titles, Frankfort were one of the Founding Members of The League of Ireland in 1917. My own Grandfather John O’Connor won junior caps while playing for Frankfort he was a great friend of Charlie O’Leary from the Leinster Junior League, Upon his passing I took over the running of the club, I decided that I wanted to move the club in a different direction, to put more effort into people then results, the real truth is winning and losing at an amateur level is not as important as competing and helping people in the community, this approach has served us well of the years, where other teams have fallen by the wayside despite top faculties and huge backing we have continued to put a show on season after season, we have one many friends from the sporting and political world because of this and indeed our very own Taoiseach Enda Kenny is a honorary member of our club, he has been on the sidelines  supporting the team and also on social occasions”.